Warranty and care

LILACLABEL guarantees the highest level of  quality l for all of our pieces. When it comes to customer care, every situation can be as unique as the jewelry we design, which is why we handle them on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, we operate within a standard framework. Should you have any issue with the quality of your LILACLABEL item, the following terms and conditions apply:

Within 1 months of purchase

Following an in-house assessment, should it be deemed by LILACLABEL that damage to an item was caused by a manufacturing error, LILACLABEL guarantees to cover the cost of repair and shipping for all items sent back within 1 months of its arrival.


If an item sent to us is assessed to have been caused by wear-and-tear, shipping charges will apply, as well as potential repair-related costs.


925 Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver

All of our silver products are 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated for maximal luster and preservation. It should be noted that even with the additional rhodium coating, silver is susceptible to tarnishing, especially after exposure to salt air, dust, or products containing sulfur.

Maintaining Your Sterling Silver

We recommend that pieces be professionally cleaned once a year. For maintenance in between professional cleanings, please avoid using polishes of any kind. Instead, we suggest using a diluted solution of lukewarm water and liquid hand soap and lightly passing over the piece with a soft bristle toothbrush. When finished, ensure that it is thoroughly rinsed off and dried well with an untreated cloth.  For optimal preservation, please store your LILACLABEL pieces in the pouch or box it came in, or a box with a lined interior..

14K Gold

Though an enduring metal, gold is susceptible to discoloration and even disintegration when exposed to rough surfaces and harsh chemicals, especially bleach.

Maintaining Your Gold

Our gold pieces can be easily maintained by cleansing with non-abrasive jewelry cleansers. When drying, please avoid rubbing the piece and opt for blotting it dry instead.


Every type of jewel is as unique in composition as it is in appearance and luster. Certain gemstones require more care than others and, often times, different types of maintenance. Generally, we can recommend for all of our gemstones to avoid contact with harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, extreme temperatures, and rough surfaces.






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